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4.9 / 5
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It was good. No problems so far

Sue K. | Aug 24, 2022
I had custom orthotics made. They are life-changing. I’m grateful and would recommend Dr. Beede to anyone who has foot and ankle problems.

Billy C. | Aug 24, 2022
Always professional and healpful

Emil C B. | Aug 23, 2022
I needed some fungus medicine for my toes, I was sold the product with no problems.

Mark H. | Aug 23, 2022
Your in-house visits were very good and diagnosis was correct. I'm taking the medication and it seems to be working as well as my new orthotics. Thank you.

Tony D. | Aug 05, 2022
Excellent review...X-rays were complete and very well done. I look forward to sugically repairing my troubled bi-lat 4th toe tips....and left 5th metatarsal head issue. Dr. Jaryga is an excellent surgeon in my past experiences! Thank you.

Alan A. | Aug 02, 2022
Dr Driver is very attentive and amazing at what he does to help his patient heal no matter how long it takes.

Janna B. | Jul 29, 2022
Friendly & caring staff!

Sharon W. | Jul 28, 2022