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Foot Surgery services offered in Aledo, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Primrose, Weatherford, Willow Park, Fort Worth, TX; and surrounding areas

When you have serious trauma or a foot condition that isn’t improving with conservative treatments, you could benefit from surgery. The experienced surgeons at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists in Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas, are board-certified and fellowship-trained in foot surgery. They perform a comprehensive range of procedures, including reconstructions for genetic and acquired abnormalities using the most advanced techniques. If you might need foot surgery, call Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists today, or book an appointment online.

Foot Surgery Q & A

Why might I need foot surgery?

You might need foot surgery if you suffer a traumatic injury like a severe fracture that can’t heal properly on its own. The other main reason for needing foot surgery is when conservative treatments aren’t relieving foot pain or improving your mobility.

For most patients, the extensive range of nonsurgical treatments available at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists prove highly effective in resolving foot problems. Advanced therapies like custom orthotics (corrective shoe inserts), CO2 laser treatment, cold laser, and ultrasound therapy help many people avoid surgery.

On some occasions, however, foot surgery is your best option for optimal recovery.

What conditions might require foot surgery?

Some of the conditions that could require foot surgery include:


Bunions are bony projections at the side of your foot caused by a misalignment of the big toe bones. Tailor’s bunions or bunionettes form on the outside of your foot.

Flat feet

Flexible flat feet lose their arches when you stand. Rigid flat feet have no arches at all.


Brachymetatarsia is an abnormally short bone in the forefoot that makes one toe (often the fourth) noticeably shorter.

Metatarsus adductus

Some babies are born with metatarsus adductus, where their forefoot turns inward. Surgery is usually only needed if the feet are inflexible.

Pes cavus

Pes cavus or cavus foot is a condition where you have abnormally high arches.

Other conditions that sometimes require surgery include Morton’s neuroma, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, diabetic ulcers, and hammertoes.

What does foot surgery involve?

The Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists team uses minimally invasive approaches if possible when performing foot surgery. These techniques use small incisions that minimize tissue damage, so you feel less pain after your foot surgery and recover more quickly. However, in certain cases, open surgery might be necessary.

Foot surgeries like pes cavus and flatfoot reconstruction realign the structures within the foot to create a better arch. Brachymetatarsia might require bone grafting to lengthen the shortened toe, while metatarsus adductus surgery involves releasing the forefoot joints to straighten the foot.

Bunionectomy and tailor’s bunionectomy might involve osteotomy (cutting the bones to straighten them) and fusion, which joins the bones together. Joint replacement surgery is also possible in the foot if you have a condition like severe arthritis.

To benefit from the exceptional skills of the foot surgeons at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists, call their office today or book an appointment online.

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